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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

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Pre & Post Surgical

When preparing for surgery, a short series of Manual Lymphatic Drainage sessions can play a vital role. Because the lymphatic system is essential for detoxification and immunity, a healthy functioning lymphatic system is crucial before undergoing any surgery. Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapy can open any blockages in lymph nodes and optimize lymphatic flow throughout the body, maximizing healing and minimizing recovery time.

Further, Manual Lymphatic Drainage supports complete recovery after surgeries of any type. Whether a mandatory procedure or an elective surgery, we map a custom protocol specific to a patient's surgery type and unique needs. Our special therapies address issues of anesthesia detoxification, incision care, reduction of swelling and fluid retention, scar minimization, improving tissue quality and texture, and many more.

We treat each case holistically, considering an individual’s physical and emotional experiences. Our care always considers a patient’s comfort level and is adjusted accordingly for progressive healing.

We have extensive knowledge and experience with breast-related issues including: breast cancer, mastectomy, breast reconstruction, breast augmentation, breast fat transfer, breast-related lymphedema and Breast Implant Illness.

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